When the North Andover CAM staff was working to put together the new facility, it was decided to set some of the space aside to build a kitchen. This kitchen would not only be available for staff/member use and CAM functions, but also for the production of cooking programs.

This kitchen is fully equipped with an electric cook top, a conventional oven as well as a microwave oven, a full-size refrigerator and a good stock of pans, bowls, utensils, and whatever you would likely need to make mouthwatering meals and tasty television!

There is a large open area in front of the kitchen, which we call our multipurpose area. This area can be used for classes and workshops, and can even be equipped to host large meetings or gatherings for us, as well as other local organizations. It can also be set up to hold a live studio audience for any cooking programs that would be taking place in our kitchen.

Programs produced in this kitchen area can be done using multiple methods. Users can set up multiple cameras, each recording their own images which can then be edited after the fact. Or, the multiple cameras can be tied into either our portable switcher system, or patched directly into our main Control Room, for a live-switched program with added graphics and/or other effects.

If you have any ideas cooking in your mind, why not come down and put something together? Not only do we have this fine kitchen space, but we have all the equipment and software needed to bring your thoughts to fruition.

Call us at (978)687-6570, and let us put you on the path to be your own TV Chef! Or you can come visit our studio, at 70 Main Street, Suite 202, so we can show you this amazing cooking space in person. Let North Andover help you serve up your creativity!