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Meetings to discuss proposed building and landscaping projects in the vicinity of federally-protected wetlands.

Meetings to discuss and enforce town health regulations and potential violations.

The leading board of North Andover hears the Town Manager's report, discusses policy and acts as licensing commission.

Meetings to discuss proposed building and landscaping projects within the town.

Meetings to discuss proposed land use within the town.

Meetings to discuss town fiscal policy and department budgets.

An annual meeting at which residents vote on town budgets, policy, legislation and citizens' petitions.

Meetings to discuss and set the policies and financial agenda of North Andover public schools.

The latest news in North Andover featuring coverage of local events, interviews with community leaders, entertainment reviews,…

Jim Fazio talks to the people making things happen around the town of North Andover.

Do you have an idea for a TV show? Documentary? Independent film? Become a member and we'll help you achieve your vision!

Host Joan Kulash talks to the people who help the communities in North Andover and neighboring towns.

Highlights, scores, and more - all from North Andover High School sports. Hosted by Sam Murray.

Phyllis Jones and Stacey Leibowitz, from the North Andover Commission on Ability Assistance, talk to their guests about the…

North Andover I.T. Director Chris McClure hosts a regular program telling residents how to better connect with the Town, using…

The Committee allocates money for projects addressing open space protection, affordable housing, historic preservation and land…

The Trust provides for the preservation and creation of affordable housing in the Town of North Andover for the benefit of low…

Meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Stevens Memorial Library in North Andover.

Meetings that discuss cable television licensing including: 1) negotiating renewal licenses or original licenses; 2) conducting…

The commission that serves the town in an advisory capacity, to identify the needs of the community under the ADA Civil Rights…

A group that looks to advocate for older adults, to identify their needs, to meet their health, economic, social and cultural…

Meetings that discuss the projects and plans for the Machine Shop Village Neighborhood District of North Andover.

The Master Plan Implementation Committee Will Serve As An Advisory Body Tasked To Work Closely With Town Officials, The Planning…

Meetings that discuss the preservation of the old North Andover Center Historic District.

The North Andover Poet Laureate Committee reviews candidates for recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for the Poet Laureate…

Meetings that discuss the management and the future of the Stevens Estate property in North Andover.

The public body charged with operating and maintaining the Stevens Estate property in North Andover.

North Andover Youth & Recreation Council manages a multi-service, non-profit agency serving the youth of North Andover,…

The Sustainability Committee works to improve residential and commercial recycling participation in North Andover, including at…

The Town of North Andover’s Commission for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’s goals and functions are to act as a central focus…

The Revenue And Fixed Cost Committee advises the Town Manager on revenue, other financial sources and fixed-costs projections…

The Council On Aging Financial Subcommittee provides financial guidance for the Town's Council on Aging.

The North Andover Festival Committee is a volunteer citizen’s group dedicated to enhancing life in North Andover through…

Zoning Board of Appeals
Meetings to discuss proposed land use within the town.

The last Z.B.A. meeting was on 05.11.21. (WATCH NOW)

The next meeting is scheduled for 06.08.21.

Tuesdays at 7:30 pm

Wednesday at 2pm
Thursdays at 1 am

Sundays at 9 am

Only on GovCAM: Comcast 8, Verizon 26

Previous meetings can be found on our YouTube playlist. CLICK HERE to see the playlist.

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