Many of North Andover CAM’s productions are recorded in the field using portable equipment brought on location. The footage obtained in the field is then brought back and put together at our editing stations. Our new facility features three stand-alone Editing Stations, as well as a fully-integrated Editing Suite.

The Editing Stations use Mac-based computers running the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. (This includes Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, and After Effects.) These stations are also equipped with a program called iStopMotion, which can be used with a live camera source in order to take frame-by-frame images to be used in Stop-Motion animation projects.

The Editing Suite can be used by groups collaborating on an advanced editing project. It includes an iMac workstation, which is tied into a 55-inch video monitor and a stereo sound system for better monitoring of a project’s video and audio content.

It also features a Shure SM-7B microphone on a boom arm mount which can be used to record voiceovers for any desired project.

We offer training in the entire field production process, from on-location videography and audio recording right up through the editing process. For more information, call our studio at (978)687-6570 or – better yet – stop by our studio at 70 Main Street, Suite 202. We can get you set up with membership and training. We’ll even give you an in-depth tour of the place.